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Pre-marital and Pre-pregnancy Health Plans

A healthy body empowers you to better support your beloved one.   Our Pre-marital and Pre-pregnancy Health Plans give you a clearer vision on your health status, getting both of you prepare and ready for the new chapter in life. 

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Items Pre-pregnancy Pre-marital
Female Only Female Male
Doctor Consultation  
Pre & Post consultation
Physical Examination  
Nurse Assessment, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index  (BMI)
Urine Analysis  
 Routine Urinalysis
Blood Test  
Blood Group
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone  
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Rubella Antibody – IgG  
Venereal Disease Screening – VDRL
HIV Antibody
Pelvis Examination   
Ultrasound Pelvis  
Cervical Cancer Screening       
Cytology exam, GYN or Pap Smear    
Semen Analysis      
Semen Analysis (Basic)    
Package Special Price*  $2,980 $2,680 $1,680

* The above is the package price and all package items are fixed. If you are unable to undergo relevant examinations due to individual circumstances or physical conditions, no refund or exchange will be offered.


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