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Pre-marital and Pre-pregnancy Health Plans

A healthy body empowers you to better support your beloved one.   Our Pre-marital and Pre-pregnancy Health Plans give you a clearer vision on your health status, getting both of you prepare and ready for the new chapter in life. 

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Items Pre-pregnancy Pre-marital
Female Only Female Male
Doctor Consultation  
Pre & Post consultation
Physical Examination  
Nurse Assessment, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index  (BMI)
Urine Analysis  
 Routine Urinalysis
Blood Test  
Blood Group
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone  
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Rubella Antibody – IgG  
Venereal Disease Screening – VDRL
HIV Antibody
Pelvis Examination   
Ultrasound Pelvis  
Cervical Cancer Screening       
Cytology exam, GYN or Pap Smear    
Semen Analysis      
Semen Analysis (Basic)    
Package Special Price  $2,980 $2,680 $1,680


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