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Well Women Health Plans

Well Women Health Plans are managed by a team of caring and professional lady medical staff. We aim to provide holistic care including breasts and gynecological screening for women through delicate physical examination, bedside procedure and detailed report analysis and explanation.  Our team will help you choose the most appropriate screening method based on your age, risk factors, family and personal medical history, as well as previous scanning reports.

The latest guideline on breast cancer screening from The American Association of Breast Surgeons recommends women aged >25 should undergo formal risk assessment for breast cancer and those at 40 or above should initiate screening mammography, in the hope to detect breast cancer early for better outcome.

We provide 2 modalities of breast screening, i.e. Ultrasound breasts and 3D mammography.  

We Offer

  • Ladies area – where you can wait and rest with peace of mind.
  • Women healthcare team – who has innate understanding on your delicate needs and concerns, both physical and psychological.
  • One-stop service – In the same area and under one roof, we provide detailed consultation and examination in greater efficiency and convenience.
  • Customized health plans – which address your evolving needs in different life stages.
  • Caring examination modality – 3D mammography as standard of care for improving comfort.
  • Follow-up therapy – Optional therapies for ladies who need menopause & osteoporosis supports.

Compare Plans

Plan Crystal Plan Pearl Plan
Doctor Consultation
Pre & Post Consultation
Physical Examination
Nurse Assessment, Blood Pressure, Pulse, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI)
Cervical Cancer Screening
Cytology exam, GYN or Pap Smear
Pelvis Examination
Ultrasound Pelvis
Breast Examination
Ultrasound Breasts
Mammography 3D  
Special Package Price $2,500 $4,100

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