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Health Screening Centre

Health Screening Centre adopts holistic, comprehensive, and one-stop approach to preventive care. We provide a gamut of personalized health screening package designed to help you take greater understanding and control of your health conditions. Our dedicated and friendly staff listen attentively to your concerns, evaluate thoroughly, and provide clear and detailed explanation of your physical wellness after the examination. To complete our all-round care, we go further by providing follow-up therapy or quick and direct specialist referral if needed. Your health matters. Make the right choice today. Book now for our health screening services.

Service Scope

Patient Journey

Step 1: Identify your basic needs and book over the phone or online 
Step 2: Nurse assessment of your overall health conditions and specific needs 
Step 3: Doctor confirms your health check items, performs consultation & health inspection
Step 4: Health check
Step 5: Confirm your debrief date at reception (usually within 5 working days) 
Step 6: Doctor to explain your health report and make suggestions based on your conditions.  Arrange follow-up investigation or referral if needed.

How Often Should One Go for Health Check?

  • General recommendations for people with clean medical history are as below:
    • 20 -30 years old: every 5 years
    • 31 – 39 years old: every 3 years
    • 40 – 44 years old: every 2 years
    • 45 or above: every 1-2 year(s)
  • Annual review is recommended if you have the following risk factors –
    • Obesity
    • Smoker / frequent drinker
    • Stress at work
    • Family history of disease
    • No / inadequate physical exercise
  • Before entering a major life transition, e.g. getting married, moving to a new country, retirement, etc.
  • Frequency of health check is a function of different personal attributes including but not limited to age, health condition, family history, stress level, etc., consult your family doctor for the right time to have medical check-up.