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Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography (CT) makes use of computer technology together with a rotating x-ray device to create detail cross-sectional images of the organs or areas of the body to provide diagnostic information for suspected pathology.  At HKBH AMC Imaging Centre, we use Siemens SOMATOM Drive CT System, which belongs to the most advanced CT series in its class.

  • Drive for Efficiency and Patient Comfort
    The Dual Source CT scanners have two X-ray tubes and two detectors. This allows capturing of cardiac image data in half the time needed by conventional volume CTs.  The ultra-fast Turbo Flash mode helps eliminating motion artifacts without increasing the dose.
  • Exceptional Low Dose Scan
    Straton® MX Sigma X-ray tube provides  extra high power at low kVs settings while maintaining the focal spot size, offering consistent and excellent image quality at low radiation dose. 10 kV Steps allow for the most precise dose values for every single patient.  Tin Filters optimize and shape the X-ray spectrum by filtering out the parts of the X-ray beam that are rarely useful for imaging. This brings the dose of many non-contrast CT examinations to conventional X-ray dose levels.
  • Precision in Image Quality
    The high precision  Stellar Infinity detectors create excellent image quality with reduced noise. Complemented by a new level algorithm software, image resolution is 42% superior to conventional CT.

Scope of Applications

  • General scan including head, body, spine and extremities
  • Angiogram for coronary, head and neck, lower limb … etc.
  • Perfusion scan for brain, cardiac, liver… etc.
  • Low dose lung scan
  • Virtual colonoscopy
The Procedure

The whole procedure is monitored by Radiology staff.  You will be lying on the table of the CT scanner. The table will then carry you slowly through the gantry of the scanner and a well-collimated X-ray beam will pass through the patient. A number of cross-sectional images of the organs / areas are made.

Intravenous or oral contrast medium may be needed to improve the diagnostic quality of the images. Medication for sedation are sometimes administered to paediatric patients in order to obtain images without undue movement.

3D display of heart and coronary arteries

How Long Does it Take?

Within an hour in most cases, but some will be slightly longer.

To Prepare for the Procedure
  • A written consent is required for all CT exams with injection of contrast medium.
  • Patients younger than 18 should be accompanied by parents/relative. Consent form should be signed by parents/legal guardian.
  • Female patients aged between 10 to 60 years (excluding patients with previous hysterectomy or tubal ligation) are also required to sign the consent form before examination.
  • Inform medical staff before the examination if you are or may be pregnant as the examination involves high dose of X-ray that is harmful to a foetus. Pregnancy test may be necessary in case of any doubt if the examination is to be proceed.
  • Inform attending doctor if you have history of adverse reaction to intravenous contrast medium. Doctor may prescribe steroid premedication for you before injection of contrast medium.
  • For examinations with intravenous contrast medium, fasting is required for 4 hours prior to the examination.
  • For diabetic patient on drugs – consult clinician concerned for the adjustment of dosage if necessary.
  • All metallic objects e.g. watches, jewellery, ear rings, hair pins… etc. should be removed before examination and kept safe by yourself.
  • During CT scanning, keep still and listen carefully to the instructions given by the radiology staff.
After the Procedure
  • Eat or drink as usual.
Payment Method

We support cashless payment.  Payment by credit card, WeChat Pay, Alipay, FPS are encouraged.

Holders of valid cashless health insurance plan can leave upon discharge should the services used do not include any items that are not covered by your insurance policy or exceed the insured amount.

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