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What is Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure to examine colon with the endoscope inserting through anus, rectum, advancing into colon, and finally caecum, or terminal ileum. If any abnormality or polyp is detected, biopsy or polypectomy will also be done during the procedure.

Regular check-ups help to detect and remove colorectal polyps early, preventing them from developing into colorectal cancer.



A polyp is found during colonoscopy.

Some Facts about Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer results from the abnormal growth of the cells of the colon and rectum. Major risk factors include diet that is high in animal fat, processed food and low in fiber, have a family history of colorectal cancer, lack of exercise, obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking and etc.

Colorectal cancer is the second commonest cancer in Hong Kong. With the changing dietary habits and lifestyles of modern individuals, there has been an increasing trend in occurrence among the younger generation in recent years. In 2021, there were 5,899 new cases, contributing about 15.3% of all new cancer cases in Hong Kong and 2,298 people died from this cancer, accounting for 15.2% of all cancer deaths.*

*Information from Hong Kong Cancer Registry



  • Aged 50 or above
  • With family history of colon cancer
  • Personal history of colonic polyps
  • Positive result on Occult Blood Test / Barium enema / CT colonography
  • Presentation of the following symptoms:
    • Change in frequency of bowel habit
    • Blood in stool
    • Incomplete evacuation feeling
    • Persistent abdominal pain
    • Anemia, weight loss, etc.


Get to know more about colonoscopy

Early Screening and Diagnosis are Crucial to Successful Treatment
Booking and Service Flow
  • Call 2123 1130, WhatsApp 6123 5162 or book online;
  • AMC staff will confirm booking by return call;
  • If colonoscopy is deemed necessary after doctor’s consultation, laxatives will be prepared and operation date will be confirmed in the same day


Preparation for colonoscopy examination
  • Before the procedure day
    • Consume a low residue diet for 3 days prior to the procedure; avoid eating high-fiber food, e.g. fruits and vegetables
    • Have fluid diet and clear fluid diet the day before the procedure. (Avoid milk)
    • Stop taking certain type of medications as instructed by your specialist
    • Undergo a bowel preparation with laxatives prescribed by your specialist (*Note: Inadequate bowel preparation may affect the result of the examination)
    • Do not eat for at least 6 hours before the procedure
  • On the day of procedure
    • Ask an adult to accompany you to leave
    • Arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time
    • Wear simple and comfortable outfit
    • Bring the case for dentures and/or contact lens along
    • Avoid wearing metal accessories and/or something valuables
Colonoscopy Procedure
  • You will be instructed to lie down in a proper position. Sedation medication will be given for sleep induction;
  • A flexible, slender endoscope will be inserted gently and advanced into the colon. The internal lining of the colon will be examined carefully;
  • If a polyp is found during the scan, it will usually be removed by dedicated equipment.
How Long Does it Take
  • The procedure normally takes about 30 minutes, but varies with actual circumstances;
  • Taking the recovery time into account to recover form sedation, please reserve 2-3 hours for the treatment.
After the Procedure
  • You will be closely monitored in the recovery area until the sedative has worn off;
  • Patients will have doctor consultation after the procedure in the same day. If a biopsy is done, the result report will be ready in a few days. For abnormal results, follow-up consultation can be arranged at Hong Kong Baptist Hospital.
  • Do not drive, operate any machinery, consume alcohol or sign any legal document within 24 hours.
Points to Note
  • Client may experience mild swelling and affliction, and CO2 insufflation will be carried out to minimize the discomfort, as the substance is proved to be rapidly cleared from colon by passive absorption;
  • Complications including delayed bleeding or perforation during the procedure is uncommon. Please inform the staff immediately if this situation occurs.
Charges & Payment


Oesophago-Gastro-Duedenoscopy and Colonoscopy

Under IV Sedation

$10,300 $16,500

Under Monitored Anaesthetic Care

$13,000 $19,800


We support cashless payments. We accept credit cards, WeChat Pay, Alipay and FPS.

HKBH Ambulatory Medical Centre is also the designated Endoscopy Centre of a number of leading insurance companies providing cashless day surgery services. Please contact us for related details.

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