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Pre-marital Counselling

As an optional offer for couples taking Pre-marital Health Plan, Pre-marital counselling helps you and your partner better understand oneself and your wife/husband to be, giving both of you a clearer vision on your relationship, as well as  marriage and communications, laying a strong foundation for your marriage. 

Topics covered: expectation on marriage, parental families, personal traits, mode of communication, how to cope with conflict, family finance planning, parenting, sex life, relationship with god, etc.

Tool of evaluation: Prepare/Enrich 


  • Online survey 
  • 5 counselling sessions (75 mins per session)
  • Evaluation report
  • Monday – Friday, before 6:00pm = $2,700
  • Monday – Friday, after 6:00pm = $3,100
Service Location

Before 6:00 pm 

  • HKBH Ambulatory Medical Centre; OR
  • 1/F, Franki Centre, 320 Junction Road, Kowloon Tong 


After 6:00 pm 

  • 1/F, Franki Centre, 320 Junction Road, Kowloon Tong 
Qualifications of Counsellor

Counsellors are from HKBH Counselling and Patient Support Centre possessed with PREPARE/ENRICH Counsellor qualification and obtained relevant master degrees as below-

  • Qualified PREPARE/ENRICH Counselor and
  • Marriage and Family Therapy; or
  • Social Work; or
  • Counselling